How a company physically manages their files and records is an important, yet often neglected aspect of business. While filing cabinets are an obvious choice, they are not the cheapest solution, and can present problems with mobility and constant growth of files.

Document boxes are the ideal solution for any business, but there is a considerable difference in the quality of boxes available:

Majority of archive boxes used by companies are of a poor
standard, struggling to last the distance. They often
are of a two piece construction, are made of thin
single corrugated cardboard, and fold together at the
most important part of the box - the base - leaving it
very weak. They rapidly deteriorate leaving you
vulnerable to the loss of secure information in transit.

This is where we step in.

Our boxes are a one piece design, with double
corrugated sides, seamless base with attached lid
eliminating the risk of lost or exposed secure
With strong built in handles and the ability to be
stacked on top of each other without destroying the
lower boxes, these are the top tier archive box
available in Australia manufactured from recycled pulp.

Furthermore we provide you with these high quality archive
boxes at an economical rate.

We deliver direct to your office, and offer discounted rates on
large orders.

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